Pneumatic vacuum elevator

Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator

The pneumatic vacuum home lift was designed as a compact and cost-effective alternative to taking the stairs and is ideal for town-homes and tight areas where a traditional residential elevator wouldn’t even be a thought or consideration.

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This self supporting vacuum elevator can operate up to 15m or five stops, with no pit or hoist-way required.

It is the pumps or turbines of the vacuum that pull you up to the next floor, and the slow release of air pressure that floats you down.


  • Minimum works disruption.
  • No pit or machine room required.
  • Vacuum Technology
  • Absolute Safety
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Panoramic round design. 360 visibility.
Pneumatic vacuum elevator
Pneumatic vacuum elevator
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No pit or machine room

The pneumatic vacuum elevator is the only domestic lift that is installed directly on the existing floor.

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Absolute Safety

In case of a power failure since the moving car automatically descends to the lowest level and the electro-mechanical door will open to let the passenger out.

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Cost-effective approach

Cost-effective approach for elevator installation. Ideal for new and existing homes due to the minimal space required to accommodate it.


We offer distinct styles and models

Pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE30


  • External diameter 750 mm
  • Rated Load 159 kg
  • Free space required for installation 800 x 800 mm
Pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE37


  • External diameter 933 mm
  • Rated Load 205 kg
  • Free space required for installation 950 x 950 mm
Pneumatic vacuum elevator PVE57


  • External diameter 1316 mm
  • Rated Load 228 kg
  • Free space required for installation 1350 x 1350
  • Wheelchair-accessible
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