Cabin lift

Cabin Lift

The innovative Suite cabin lift provides the look and feel of a passenger lift but without the need for a large ground floor pit or the headroom usually required for a passenger lift.

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The Suite cabin lift is designed and built in Italy using the highest quality components to ensure a high level of quality and reliability. It is a 4/5 person lift with a full cabin and a maximum 500kg load capacity. Available with automatic sliding doors and all of the usual features associated with a passenger lift.

The difference between the Suite cabin lift and a passenger lift is the slightly slower travel speed of 0.15 m/s, which means it falls under the machinery directive rather than the lift directive. By choosing this lift as opposed to a passenger lift, the BREEAM criteria does not apply and your overall BREEAM score is reduced as a result.


  • Only shallow pit required and low headroom requirements
  • Low energy consumption
  • Has the look and feel of a passenger lift without the draw backs
  • Design is flexible to site requirements
  • Full luxurious cabin with automatic choice of sliding doors or swing doors
  • Fully compliant with building control Part R and equality act
  • Choice of hydraulic or traction drive system
Suite cabin lift
Suite cabin lift
Suite cabin lift