single rail curved stairlift

Single Rail Curved Stairlifts

Stylish curved stairlifts with a single rail.

This curved stairlift from Handicare is one of the most popular stairlifts in the world. It runs on a single tubular rail that is less than 8cm in diameter, providing a safe, smooth and comfortable ride up and down even the most complex of staircases.

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There are two names for these single rail curved stairlifts, manufactured by Handicare in Holland:

Van Gough: Runs along the outside (longer side) of your staircase

Rembrandt: Runs along the inside (shorter side) of your staircase

Both are available with a choice of seat styles and colours with the option of a powered swivel seat and powered footrest.

The choice between a single rail and twin rail curved stairlift is often forced due to the layout of your stairs, but also can come down to personal choice and preferred style.


  • Stylish single tubular rail
  • 45 degree forward facing seat available for the narrowest of staircases
  • Drop nose rail available if space is restricted at the bottom of the stairs
  • Neatest curved hinged rail on the market if there is a doorway or open landing at the first step of the stairs
  • Choice of three rail colours as standard
  • Voice connect emergency auto dial system available
Single Rail Curved Stair Lifts
Single rail curved stair lift